The Foodnik’s Good Reads on Sigmund Freud, Vienna’s Cuisine & Jewish Cooking #CookingTherapy

The Foodnik’s Good Reads on Sigmund Freud, Vienna’s Cuisine & Jewish Cooking #CookingTherapy Read more


AS readers asked me about good books, not only cookbooks, to read about Vienna, I finally came up with a list of major references about the city, Jewish cooking, and Sigmund Freud. I even added a list of my favorite movies connected to Vienna and to Freud.

To make this bibliography, even more useful, I rely on your help. I, therefore, encourage you to contact me or to leave a comment about any striking omissions or any suggestions for inclusion that you might have. Meanwhile, I do hope you enjoy the read! CONTINUE READING →


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Nino Shaya Weiss
Greetings, I am Nino Shaye Weiss, an unbridled foodnik kibbitzing (aka blogging) from Vienna, a place steeped in history and culture. The city of music and dreams, once loved and hated by Sigmund Freud, has been home to many celebrated Jewish figures, including Theodor Herzl, Gustav Mahler, Viktor Frankl, Martin Buber, Stefan Zweig, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Arnold Schoenberg, and Erich von Stroheim, among others. In my blog, I endeavor to pay tribute to these great figures as well as to the anonymous Jew of pre-Shoah Jewish Vienna by delving into memory's kitchen and celebrating their once-rich and diverse cuisine, now lost forever. From Italian and Hungarian influences to Bohemian and Galician, I explore the eclectic flavors and unique stories of this previously vibrant culinary tradition, often with a Freudian twist. Join me in my virtual kitchen as I offer a culinary armchair therapy for a fictional restaurant, and discover the delicious world of Jewish Viennese food…

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