The 20 Best Jewish/Israeli/Kosher Restaurants in Vienna


As you might know, there are not many Jews left in Vienna since the Holocaust nonetheless there’s a small but striving community that has a couple of kosher eateries, falafel joints, and pizzerias. There are, as in most major cities nowadays, also a couple of good Israeli-Pita-Falafel type places.

I list a few of the best vegan/vegetarian options in town on a separate page. There are a couple of outstanding ones!

But, I hate to break an open secret to you, there’s NO Jewish and/or kosher Viennese cuisine restaurant—a couple of kosher meat places do obviously sell schnitzel, but that’s about as Viennese as it gets. The community is simply too small, especially the part that descends of Viennese Jews from before the Holocaust. Nobody dares or is able to open a Jewish Viennese restaurant for the public at large, let alone one that would live up to the city’s food critics be they inside or outside the Jewish community.

So we are back to why this fictitious virtual restaurant, as I like to call this website, exists. If you are a rich doner you can make this happen. Let’s talk!

For historic places where Viennese Jews used to gather, see my lists of coffeehouses and pastry shops.

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Here are the best Jewish and/or Israeli restaurants in Vienna—the kosher ones are marked כשר:

  1. Restaurant Seven North

    Schottenfeldgasse 74 (1070 Wien)

    Eyal Shani Seven North Vienna restaurants-2
    Restaurant Seven North, Schottenfeldgasse 74 (1070 Wien)

    Two Israeli chefs, Eyal Shani and Shahar Segal are cooking up a “wild” and succulent menu in an industrial-chic, Tel-Avivian restaurant right here in Vienna.

  2. Restaurants Neni am Naschmarkt & Tel Aviv Beach

    Neni am Naschmarkt, Naschmarkt 510 (1060 Wien), Tel Aviv Beach, Banks of the Donaukanal at Obere-Donaustrasse 65 (1020 Wien), branches in Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Mallorca, Zürich, Cologne, Munich and Hamburg.

    Neni am Nascmarkt restaurant Vienna
    Restaurant Neni am Naschmarkt, Naschmarkt 510 (1060 Wien)

    Haya Molcho & Sons run one of the most delicious, bustling, young and cosmopolitan spots in town.

  3. Restaurant Miznon Vienna

    Schulerstraße 4 (1010 Wien)

    Eyal Shani Miznon Vienna restaurants
    Restaurant Miznon Vienna, Schulerstraße 4 (1010 Wien)

    The Viennese chapter of Eyal Shani’s imaginative, young and loud, Tel-Avivian street-food restaurant.

and in alphabetic order:

  • Restaurant Alef Alef (כשר fleishik)
    Seitenstettengasse 2 (1010 Wien)
    Hashgacha: Rabby Schwartz, Khal Israe
    Caters to the main shul, the “Stadttempel” synagogue at Seitenstettengasse.
  • Restaurant Bahur Tov (כשר fleishik)
    Taborstraße 19 (1020 Wien)
    Hashgacha: SKK (Sefardic Kashruth Komittee)
    Rabb. Aminov, Rabby Israilov, Rabby Hotoveli
  • “Yitzy Hager” (Takeaway) (כשר fleishik)
    Große Stadtgutgasse 7 (1020 Wien) inside the Hager’s butcher shop
    Hashgacha: Rabby Schwartz, Khal Israel
    A haimishe butcher shop serving all-week burgers, schnitzel, hot dogs, and other grilled meats, as well as shawarma on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Dr. Falafel (Falafel stand)
    Naschmarkt 560 (1060 Wien)
    This friendly Naschmarkt market stand serves one of the best falafel balls in town.
  • Restaurants Florentin 1090 & Florentin Neubau
    Berggasse 8 (1090 Wien) & Siebensterngasse 58 (1070 Wien)
    A touch of Tel-Aviv’s bohemian neighborhood transposed to Vienna!
  • Restaurant Hungry Guy
    Rabensteig 1 (1010 Wien)
    Next to the main synagogue, this place serves the best pita in town.
  • Kosher Deli (כשר fleishik)
    Kleine Sperlgasse 7 (1020 Wien)
    Hashgacha: Machsikei Hadass, Rabby Moshe Weiss
    Everything you need for your shabbesdike cravings.
  • Restaurants Maschu Maschu
    Neubaugasse 20 (1070 Wien) & Rabensteig 8 (1010 Wien)
    The city’s pioneer in all things Israeli street food. 
  • Restaurants Mazzes Insel (כשר fleishik)
    Rotensterngasse 16 (1020 Wien)
    Hashgacha: Rav Aminov (Chalak Bet Josef)
    They serve sushi/Asian food and Austrian cuisine, as well as breakfast.
  • Restaurant Mea Shearim (כשר fleishik)
    Schmelzgasse 3 (1020 Wien)
    Hashgacha: Rav Aminov (Kosher Lemehadrin)
    An Asian mix menu featuring steak and schnitzel.
  • Pizzeria Restaurant Novellino (כשר milchik & parve)
    Zirkusgasse 15 (1020 Wien)
    Hashgachah: Khal Israel, Rabby Schwartz
  • Pizzeria Prego (כשר milchik & parve)
    Taborstrasse 43 (1020 Wien)
    Hashgacha: Rabby Hotoveli
  • Schalom Food (כשר fleishik)
    Rotensterngasse 16 (1020 Wien)
    Hashgacha: Rav Aminov (Chalak Bet Josef)
    A kosher fast food serving shawarma, falafel, schnitzel, hot dogs, etc.
  • Restaurant Shabbeskitchen (כשר fleishik)
    Ungargasse 6 (1030 Wien)

    Hashgacha: Rabby Nechemia Rotenberg
  • Restaurant & Catering Simchas (כשר fleishik)
    Taborstrasse 47 (1020 Wien)
    Hashgacha: „Chalak – Beit Yosef“ – Sefardic Kashrut-Komitee
  • Restaurant Tewa am Karmelitermarkt & Tewa am Naschmarkt
    Karmelitermarkt 29-31 (1020 Wien) & Naschmarkt 672 (1060 Wien)
    Two nice places to get a coffee or a spritz.
  • Restaurant – Yudale
    Volkertplatz 5 (1020 Wien)
    Asian, Viennese, and Bukharan specialties.

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