Top 4 Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants in Vienna

Most of the time, one can always order a vegetarian option in restaurants in Vienna. For vegan options, the choices are certainly a lot more limited. But here goes a shortlist of the best restaurants dedicated to the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle.

TIAN Restaurant

Wien Himmelpfortgasse 23 (1010 Wien)

Located in the city’s center, this is a fabulous Michelin-stared restaurant with delightful and surprising food.

Tian Restaurant
TIAN Restaurant Wien Himmelpfortgasse 23 (1010 Wien)

TIAN Bistro am Spittelberg

Schrankgasse 4 (1070 Wien)

In the lovely Spittelberg neighborhood, this place, with its casual atmosphere, is a less formal and more budget-friendly version of the excellent Michelin-starred restaurant Tian.

Tian Bistro
Tian Bistro, Schrankgasse 4 (1070 Wien)


Bauernmarkt 10 (1010 Wien)

This restaurant has become an institution in the heart of the city with good and basic food.

Wrenkh, Bauernmarkt 10 (1010 Wien)

HOLLEREI is(s)t vegetarisch

Hollergasse 9 (1150 Wien)

In the classic setting of a traditional Viennese “Beisl” (sort of local pub), there’s decent food to take pleasure in.

Hollerei, Hollergasse 9 (1150 Wien)


Venuss Herrengasse 6–8 (1010 Wien)

Yamm! Universitätsring 10 (1010 Wien)

Harvest Café-Bistrot Karmeliterplatz 1 (1020 Wien)


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